Equine Iridology

Iridology Consultation (one hour)
This involves reading your irises and explaining what they tell us about your body. It also covers your health history and you will receive a photograph of your irises .

Iridology Report
This comprises a full and comprehensive written report of your consultation.

Food Intolerance Test (one hour)
You'll be tested for your tolerance and intolerance of up to 125 items of foods, vitamins and minerals. By the end of your session, you'll be aware of what foods may be causing disturbance in your body so that you can choose to avoid them.
Nutritional Therapy (one hour)
The consultation will cover your health history, diet and lifestyle. At the end of the session you will be given a programme to follow and an idea of the time and cost involved if ongoing treatment is recommended.

Follow up sessions (about half an hour each)
You can use these sessions to track your progress and to ask for any further advice you might need.

Payment by cash or cheque only - sorry debit/credit cards cannot be accepted.

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